Domain Name Cancellation Procedure

  1. Login at and Generate Domain Name Cancellation request in specified format on the department letter head. The letter must be signed by the owner of the domain name.

  2. After getting the signature of the domain name owner, scan the domain name cancellation request and save as in pdf format.

  3. Digitally sign the pdf file using digital certificate of the domain name owner and upload the same at for further process.

  4. Domain owner has to send email through or may upload by login into the system for the cancellation of the domain name as mentioned above.

  5. Domain registrar will verify your request and cancel the requested domain name.

  6. The status of the domain name Cancellation request can be verified by clicking check status link at



Domain submitted for cancellation takes 35 days time for final deletion. For 30 days after submission for cancellation the status would be "Pending Delete Status" and then for next 5 days Status would be "Delete on Hold Status".

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indiaGov nicEmail myGov gandhi digitalIndia Nic