Domain Registration Service India

Sub Domain(fourth-level) Registration Service:

It allows to register Sub Domains (fourth-level) under an active 3rd level domain which is hosted in NIC Data Centre.(eg. a fourth level domain under a 3rd level domain name


Registration Procedure :

Login and Submit Sub domain delegation(Authorizing 3rd level domain to register 4th level under it) request online :


The Sub Domain registration will be activated/accepted only after receiving the valid Sub Domain Delegation Request Letter from the parent Department.

Steps to Register a Sub Domain :

Once the above written registration process is completed, the Domain Registration Team will process the request and user will be notified via email.


As per the present policy, there is no fee for the sub domain (fourth-level) name registration under GOV.IN Domain space. However, if there is any change in the policy it will be notified to all the registered users.